Top 5 Ways to Use Sea Moss

Sea moss or Irish moss is a type of algae essentially used to create carrageenan, a natural food thickener. However, over the years, it has been reportedly known to have significant health benefits due to its rich nutrient content. Sadly, it is not popular for having delectable flavors. Yet, that should not stop you from adding this highly nutritious ingredient to your diet and lifestyle.

Sea moss gels are the best form of sea moss to use if you are short on time. However, if you have enough time, you can 
buy fresh sea moss and create your sea moss gel. Here’s how you can use sea moss gel in multiple ways.


Add them to your smoothies

Smoothies contain a high amount of nutrients and taste delicious, and the easiest way to intake your sea moss gel. Just add a few spoonfuls of Irish moss gel to your favorite smoothie and blend it well.


Make gel desserts

If you have a sweet tooth and crave sugar like anything, adding the sea moss gel to your desserts is one of the best ways to make them healthy. Apart from being a source of minerals and vitamins, sea moss can also act as a natural food thickener. So you can add it to several desserts such as puddings, jams, and other gelatin desserts.


Infuse them in ice creams

Another typical sweet dish in everyone’s refrigerator is ice creams. However, store-bought ice creams often contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives that aren’t good for your health. You can create your version of healthy ice cream at home by using plant-based milk, sea moss gel, and fruit pulps like banana, mango strawberries, or chocolate for flavor.


Brighten your face with a sea moss mask

Consuming sea moss is highly beneficial for your health. However, there are other ways you can benefit from sea moss. It has antioxidants and hydrating properties, which can make your skin glow. Make a sea moss face mask at home using two spoons of sea moss gel and one spoon of turmeric powder. Apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes and wash it off to achieve radiant and clear skin.


Water your plants with sea moss

The minerals found in sea moss are highly beneficial for your plants. Adding the sea moss gel to the water you use to water your plants can provide them with the nutrients lacking in the soil. You can mix two tablespoons of sea moss gel in half a gallon of water and sprinkle the water on your pots and soil. You can see the difference in your plants after some time.


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