• Purple Irish Sea Moss For Making Carrageenan
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Purple Irish Sea Moss For Making Carrageenan

Sea moss, sometimes also called Irish moss, is a type of red or purple colored seaweed. The scientific name for this type of sea moss is Chondrus crispus. One of the most valuable nutrients in sea moss is called carrageenan, a complex carbohydrate commonly used food thickener. In traditional Irish culture, carrageenan was believed to be able to cure the common cold and flu, leading the Irish to add it to many foods and beverages. It is a primary ingredient in traditional Irish pudding and is still widely used in many recipes in Ireland.
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Product Type: Seaweed
Variety: NORI
Style: Dried
Cultivation Type: COMMON
Processing Type: Roasted
Packaging: Bag
Shelf Life: 24 months
Weight (kg): 1
Material: 100% ocean seamoss
MOQ: 100kg
Certification: ISO, HALAL
Address: 145/51/7 Le Duc Tho Strees, Ward 17, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: 0084975262928


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