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Frozen Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is one of the main agricultural products of Vietnam, which is very loved by countries around the world. Especially, the passion fruit with a fresh and natural sweet taste can be eaten right away without any additives. The quality of passion fruit conquers many consumers thanks to its dedication in the whole process from propagation, cultivation to finished products.

Mô tả

  • Purple to deep purple outer skin.
  • White inner skin surface.
  • Translucent yellow to orange flesh filled with black seeds.
Weight       Min: 75gr/piece; Average: 10-14 pieces/kg
  • Outer Skin: Ripen area of outer skin from 95-100%.
  • Flesh and Juice: Natural ripeness, translucent yellow to orange
Pesticide and heavy metal
  • No preservatives, additives
  • MRL of pesticide meets EU requirements
  • Heavy metal meets EU requirements
Transportation      Transport in carton packaging at cool temperature from 5 to 10oC

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