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Product Description
Red Chili powder is the form of chili peppers that have been sun-dried or dried and ground into a powder, sometimes mixed with other spices (to form a chili powder mixture).
Red Chili powder is used as a favorite condiment worldwide to add spicy, pungent flavor to dishes.

– Type: Powder

– Color: Red

– Shelf Life: 2 Years

– Taste: Spicy

– Packaging : 5-10-25kgs/bag Or according to custom’s requirement

– Origin: Vietnam


Commitment on products

Laccom’s chili powder is made from 100% fresh chili harvested from Vietgap or Organic certified farms
– The production process of chili powder is closed, applying advanced technical technologies for processing into product packaging
– The shop is committed to delivering delicious and spicy products to customers.

Uses of chili powder

– Used as seasoning for daily meals: chili salt, fish stock, satay, ..
– Chili help increase metabolism and increase weight effectively.
– Chili helps you feel full for a long time, lose weight
– Chili helps reduce blood pressure
– Chili aids digestion



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